Humancare logo with photos of people of all ages and backgrounds
Text that reads Everything we do starts with Human. Even our name.

We're Humancare.

An agency born of the understanding that beneath the labels of physician, caregiver, or patient, we are all human - that special .01% of life on earth that dreams, feels, inspires and, above all, cares.

Because when you focus on human, something changes. Insights speak to heart as well as head. Data takes on a face. And advertising becomes advocacy.

We’re an agency purpose built to the needs of the innovators in health care. Lean. Nimble. Inventive. Hungry. Full of entrepreneurial energy. Plus all the resources and expertise of IPG Health. Equally passionate and adept at DTC, HCP, or OTC.

Because for us, it’s all DTH: Direct-to-Human.

Text that reads It's more than healthcare. It's humancare.

Here we don't reach audiences, we connect with individuals. In meaningful, relatable, fundamentally human ways.

Because we're not only HCP, DTC or OTC but above all DTH. Direct-To-Human.

Photo of Humancare leadership Lauren and Greg together

Lauren Cohen

Managing Director/EVP Creative

A life-long puzzle whiz, Lauren is the consummate problem solver, with a knack for finding connections and insights that are as compelling as they are unexpected. Drawing on more than two decades of high-profile, award-winning and pop-culture-worthy consumer, DTC , and HCP experience, Lauren leads the Humancare creative department with “Yes, and” vigor and innovation - regardless of category. “It's all about meeting the audience where they are - not just in media, but in mindset. When the work reflects their experience, it clicks on a human level. I'm always looking for that "click".


Greg Lao

Managing Director/EVP Account

Whether downhill mountain biking or launching brands in fiercely competitive markets, Greg loves a challenge. With over 38 years of experience in marketing communications, Greg has helped lead and drive large, transformational, and award-winning product launches addressing unmet needs across immunology, neuroscience and oncology; including many iconic brands in these spaces. With a “whatever it takes” attitude, Greg has set unparalleled bars for launch speed, digital innovation and brand growth, with an emphasis on teamwork and partnership. "I recognize that the highest levels of success are the result of trust and collaboration; people building on each other’s ideas to solve challenges.”  


Text that reads Who We Are

Humancare is a collection of individuals specifically selected from across IPG Health and the healthcare advertising world for our unique, hybrid skillsets and depth of knowledge.

Together, we:


Together we have 468 years combined experience in DTC and HCP advertising, stand 542 feet and seven inches tall, drive 54,000 cups of coffee a year and own 32 dogs, 18 cats and 2 birds

And are... 1 very different agency

At Humancare, our philosophy, our process, and our teams, are purpose built to capitalize on the fundamental shifts that are occurring in health and wellness.

100 West 33rd Street, New York NY 10001